Fall 2019 https://www.sacredheartcatholiccloudcroft.org/apps/photos/ Fall 2019 Quilt Raffle Vicar Father Emmanuel Tim Burkhard (L) and Steve Pepper display a lovely ?Harvest Quilt? for a Sacred Heart Mission fundraiser. The Cloudcroft Church is selling tickets for $2. or 3 for $5. It only takes one ticket to win this Quilt made with love and prayers and donated by Karen Bandy of Camden Maine. Drawing will be on Sunday October 6th, to purchase tickets, contact Lourdes at (575) 430-0034. Good Luck. https://www.sacredheartcatholiccloudcroft.org/apps/photos/photo?photoID=205886281 205886281 Our new Vicar, Father Emmanuel Marisa, Garret (in training) and Dominic with Father Emanuel. Thank you, Father, for a good lesson today. See you next week, God willing. https://www.sacredheartcatholiccloudcroft.org/apps/photos/photo?photoID=206007490 206007490