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 Catholic Church Diocese of Las Cruces

Sacred Heart Mission Catholic Church

Photo Gallery

Christmas Activities 2015 Christmas Activities 2015 Blessed Virgin December 12th was our first big snow of the season. 200595996 Nativity Scene Sacred Heart Mission Church's Nativity Scene 200595997 Sacred Heart Mission Church Sacred Heart Mission Church Cloudcroft, New Mexico 200595998 Church Decorating Team 2015 Group picture: L to R Sydney LeBlond, Dave Arnold, Father Christopher Williams, Susan Lilly, and Teresa Thompson 12/19/15 200595999 Mike & Jackie Mike and Jackie Kosack at the Sacred Heart Christmas Celebration on December 16th 200596000 Sacred Heart in the Snow Another snow storm blew through Cloudcroft on Friday January 8th. Church volunteer Robert Booky does a good job clearing the parking lot in front of Sacred Heart Mission on Hwy 82. "Like a good neighbor", you can count on Robert. 200744755