Sacred Heart Mission Catholic Church

 Catholic Church Diocese of Las Cruces

Religious Education News

Sacred Heart's youth's religious education classes meet every Sunday after 8:30 Mass. Registration for Religious Education will begin after Mass this Sunday. We are in need of Religious Education Teachers. If you feel you may be called to teach our children, please talk to Teresa Thompson or call her at 575-687-2147.

Church Council Secretary

We are asking for a volunteer to help fill the position of Church Council Secretary. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Fr. Theo. 

Check It Out!

There is a book library located near the side exit door.  Please feel free to donate books or borrow some. 

Join our Faith Sharing Group!

Are you interested in exploring the beauty of our faith and rediscover the 'genius' of Catholicism? This group is taking a break for the summer, but will resume meeting on Sundays after Mass in September. Please make plans to join us then. Contact Teresa Thompson, Teresa Stevenson or Joe Barcevac for more information. 

Religious Education

Sacred Heart's  youth's religious education classes meet every Sunday after 8:30 Mass. Classes will resume in September. At that time, we will need some volunteer teachers. If you are interested in helping educate our parish children, or need more information about the classes,  please talk to Teresa Thompson 575.687.2142.

RCIA Classes - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Have you received all your Sacraments? Would you like more information about the teachings of the Catholic Church? If you are not Catholic, would you like to attend RCIA classes here at Sacred Heart? Please contact Teresa Thompson at 575.687.2142 with questions or for more information.

Pre-Baptism Classes

Pre-Baptismal classes will be held at Our Lady of the Light in La Luz on the last Saturday of the month. Please call the Parish Office at 575.434.9460 to register for the class.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Father Theo Okafor is available to hear your confession before Mass on Sundays.

Suggestion Box

We have a suggestion box for anything the congregation might want to write in for the Church Council to address. It will be at the back of the church on the East side of the church. Thank you.

 Sacred Heart - Cloudcroft

Sunday 8:30 am Mass 

Sunday 8:00 am Confessions 

Wednesday - 9:00 am Mass 

Adoration after Mass on the last Wednesday of the month.

Our Lady of the Light  La Luz

Saturday 4:00 pm Mass

Saturday 3:00 pm Confessions

Sunday 10:00 am Mass

Tuesday Thursday & Friday Mass 8:30 am

Parish Website   

Monday & Wednesday Communion Service 8:30 am 

Adoration after Mass on Thursdays

Anointing of Sick 

1st Friday of the month after Mass

St. Francis - Tularosa

Sunday 11:30 am Mass 

Tuesday-Friday 7:30 am Mass

Friday 5:30 pm Confessions

Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament after the Friday 7:30 Mass until 9:00 pm.

Please contact Naomi Pino at 575.551.2498 if you can volunteer to sit with Our Lord on a routine basis. 

Our Lady of Light Food Pantry

Thank you for your continued support of the Food Pantry. The Food Pantry is in need of the following food items this month:

Cold cereal

Boxed Jell-O and pudding

Potted meat and tuna

Pasta sauce and noodles

Canned veggies and fruit

Ramen noodles & Canned soup

Peanut butter

Dried beans and rice

Mac & Cheese

Small flour and sugar

Bath Soap

The Food Pantry served 518 families with 1,536 people in those families during the month of June. Thank you for your continued support and donations. 

If you have a summer garden and have too much produce and would like to donate some to the pantry, please call the Parish Office (434-9460), and leave a message for the Food pantry. Someone from the Food Pantry would be willing to pick up donated produce.

If you wish to donate monetarily, place the donation marked “For the Food Pantry” in the regular Collection and the donation will go to the food pantry.  Thank you for your continued support! God bless you.

Feeding the Hungry 

 The St. Francis de Paula Soup Kitchen is open every Wednesday. Volunteers are needed at noon to help prepare the meal. The meal is prepared between noon and 3:00 and served from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. Sacred Heart Parishioners will prepare and serve the meal every 5th Wednesday of the month (when there is a fifth Wednesday in the month). If you would like to volunteer, please contact Clare Tinguely at 682-6316

Growing in Our Catholic Faith

'Real Life Catholic' by Chris Stephani can be viewed on EWTN Tuesdays at 9 pm M.T. The DVD can also be purchase from the EWTN Catalog. 

The Mass in Sacred Scripture by Deacon Harold Burke-Siver available on Amazon in either hard copy or Kindle edition.

The Ignatian Adventure: Experiencing the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius by Fr. Kevin O’Brien SJ. It is basically scriptural based contemplative exercises used by the Jesuits.

Gus Lloyd has a morning program; Seize the Day on the Catholic Channel (129) on Sirius Satellite Radio